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Mask Making Workshop No. 3 with Slanguage

Mask Making Workshop No. 3 with Slanguage

Inspired by the Japanese community Obon Festival and practice of remembering ancestors, Slanguage will lead three consecutive paper-mache mask workshops based on mythological characters.

About Slanguage

Founded in 2002 by Karla Diaz and Mario Ybarra, Jr., Slanguage is an itinerant artist group based across Los Angeles. Currently, members make artwork, curate exhibitions, coordinate events, and lead art-education workshops. A diverse group at various points in their careers, Slanguage includes teenagers, street artists, and established mid- to late-career artists, the majority of whom live and work in the greater Los Angeles area, especially Wilmington, where their previous headquarters was located.

Slanguage bases their practice on a three-pronged approach to art-making to include education, community-building, and interactive exhibitions. Focusing on art education, the collective has organized numerous artist residencies in museums across the United States and abroad. Fostering dialog about the meaning and value of contemporary art, Slanguage has used their studio space and resources to cultivate relationships between diverse artists, students, communities, and organizations. Creating artworks that have ranged from multimedia installations to performances, public events, and workshops, the collective has enriched, inspired, and provoked viewers’ imaginations through local, national, and international exhibitions.

The stage at La Casita will serve as a platform for multiple audiences to engage with and
transform, as each group brings their own offerings and additions to the dynamic sculpture/stage.
In speaking about their residency at La Casita, Slanguage says the following:
“When we first started this project at La Casita, we had a very general idea of the
thematic we wanted to use but we discovered so much being in residency and allowing
the place, the people around to inspire it. We first did research and looked at possibilities
of sculpture in homes and self-taught artists.
For instance, we took a few trips to the Haunted Shack Garden in Pasadena -- the home
of Brent Allen Spears, which has been transformed into sanctuary of altars, totems, and
sculptures built of recycled materials, broken ceramics, and discarded objects. We also
went to Disneyland to look at the Light Parades and how they built them. We had writing
and drawing sessions for ourselves to brainstorm. And finally we took note of the school
across the street, the kids, the parents, and all the street vendors that daily pass by to sell
candy, fruits, and snacks.
We were so much inspired by the vendors and their packed food carts and trucks, which
were sculptural and architectural. Finally, we decided to use the idea of a discarded
object like the Haunted Shack Gardens. This was structure that was left in the back of La
Casita which nobody knew what it was and who it belonged to. So we decided this would
be the perfect stage to be transformed and reused as a public stage.

This event is free and open to the public.

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Sunday, May 20, 2018
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The Armory's La Casita
805 N Madison Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104