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2015 Monster Drawing Rally

2015 Monster Drawing Rally

The Armory’s annual live drawing event and fundraiser returns. Join us on September 12 and see artwork being created by 100 artists in front of an enthusiastic crowd, then purchase drawings on site for $75 each. Admission at the door is $10, with craft beer on-tap throughout the day, courtesy of Craftsman Brewing Company. All proceeds benefit Armory exhibitions.

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Artist Drawing Schedule

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Sydney Croskery
Hillary Mushkin
Jay Lizo
Amitis Motevalli
Laura Parker
Ariane Vielmetter
Ginny Cook
David De Boer
Margaret Griffith
Hadley Holliday
Jamison Carter
Mary Beth Heffernan
Akina Cox
Nancy Keystone
Louisa Van Leer
Tom Norris
Julianna Parr
Candace Nycz
Nancy Buchanan
Lindsay Kessner
Craig Havens
Aitor Lajarin
Gabie Strong
Florencio Zavala
  Rafa Esparza
Robby Herbst
Annapurna Kumar
Simone Montemurno
Ignacio Perez
Torbjörn Vejvi
Jacob Yanes
Nuttaphol Ma
Johanna Breiding
Tyler Matthew Oyer
Jimena Sarno
Connie Hatch
Amy Bouse
Joe Davidson
Kathleen Cativiela
Evan Holloway
Olivia Booth
Patricia Ferber
Christopher Michlig
Cindy Rehm
Tyler Vlahovich
Brian Kennon
Richard Bott
Rachel Lord
  Jedediah Caesar
Ken Ehrlich
Paul Pescador
Justin John Greene
Nery Gabriel Lemus
Liz Nurenberg
Scarlett Reyes
Samira Yamin
Victoria Tao
David Gilbert
Sandra Mueller
Jennifer Joseph
Luke Forsyth
Enrique Castrejon
Matt MacFarland
Jason Kunke
Malisa Humphrey
David Deany
Lorraine Cleary
Michael Christy
Kiki Johnson
Patricia Yossen
Susan Sironi
Amy Sarkisian
Renée Petropoulos
Michael Parker
  Naomi Buckley
Anna Másdóttur
Mathew Timmons
Patricia Luna
Allison Peck
Carolyn Castano
Peter Sheldon
Luke Whitlatch
Gina Stepaniuk
Cathy Akers
Glenna Avila
Dana Duff
Lesley Goren
Audrey Mandelbaum
Terry Chatkupt
Michael Ano
Jacob Melchi
Pamela Jorden
Terri Phillips
Laurel Paley
Kim Schoen
John Pearson
Rachelle Rojany
Naomi Fox

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The Rally's History
Monster Drawing Rally is an annual tradition established in Los Angeles by Outpost for Contemporary Art, now [email protected] The event concept was developed in 2001 by Southern Exposure, a San Francisco-based, artist-centered, not-for-profit, and has continued to thrive there since. The Armory is pleased to bring the concept to Los Angeles' vibrant art scene.

Saturday, September 12, 2015
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Armory Center for the Arts
145 North Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91103