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Staff Directory

Armory Center for the Arts is located in Old Pasadena:

145 North Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, California 91103

626.449.0139 [f]
[email protected]

Office Hours: Monday through Fridays, 9 am to 5 pm
Gallery Hours: 12 to 5 pm (closed Tuesdays)


Leslie Ito
Executive Director (effective September 4, 2018)

Slade Bellum
Interim Co-Executive Director,
Director of Finance & Operations

x 135 [email protected]

Jon Lapointe
Interim Co-Executive Director,
Director of Communications

x 143 [email protected]

Exhibition Programs

Irene Tsatsos
Director of Exhibition Programs / Chief Curator
x 117 [email protected]

Winona Bechtle
Exhibition Programs Manager
x 116 [email protected]

School Programs / Professional Development

Lorraine Cleary Dale
Director of Education
x 133 [email protected]

Magdalena Marschall
Education Program Coordinator
x 134 [email protected]

Tricia Garcia
Professional Development Assistant / Field Trip Coordinator
x 140 [email protected]

Community Programs

Lilia Hernandez
Director of Community Programs
x 111 [email protected]


Joan Dooley
Director of Studio Programs
x 131 [email protected]

Grace Lacques
Studio Programs Manager
x 125 [email protected]

Julienne Fusello
Registrar / Studio Assistant
x 121 [email protected]


Jon Lapointe
Director of Communications
x 143 [email protected]org

Milly (Mildred) J. Correa
Marketing Manager
x 130 [email protected]


Randy Lakeman
Director of Development
x 112 [email protected]

Suzette Stambler
Development Manager
x 118 [email protected]

Finance & Operations

Slade Bellum
Director of Finance & Operations
x 135 [email protected]

Laura Hinojos
Accounting Services Coordinator
x 127 [email protected]

Tricia Garcia
Birthday Party Coordinator
x 140 [email protected]

Special Projects & Facility Rentals

Hope Perello
Events Manager
x 113 [email protected]

Carlos Diaz
Special Projects and Facilities Assistant
x 129 [email protected]