Education » Armory Field Trips: A Unique Hands-On Art Experience for K-12

Armory Field Trips: A Unique Hands-On Art Experience for K-12

Armory Teaching Artists lead your students through an exhibition where they engage in small group activities, art exercises, and discussions about the exhibition’s themes. Then, your students will create an art project in our studio related to the exhibition. Working in mediums like clay, painting, sculpture, printmaking, or bookmaking, this standards-based experience encourages students to explore the artistic process.

  • 2-hours (9:30-11:30am)
  • Offered Tuesdays-Fridays
  • $8 per student

2016/2017 Field Trip Exhibitions

Between Words and Silence: The Work of Translation
Field Trip Dates: Jan. 31 – Mar. 31, 2017

This exhibition addresses the inherent impossibility ​of understanding “the other,” the necessity of our efforts to try, an acceptance of these limitations, and the possibilities that emerge. The artists in this exhibition are from Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Mexico, Saipan, Spain, and the US. All currently reside in Los Angeles or Mexico. The exhibition includes photography, videos, sound art, and more.

Federico Gama, Series Mazahuacholoskatopunk, 1989-2013. Photograph. In the ciudades perdidas (“city peripheries”), alternative subcultures emerged following the North American Free Trade Agreement (1994). This series depicts a new hybrid citizen, the indigenous Mazahuac/cholo/skater/punk.


Down and to the Left:
Reflections on Mexico in the NAFTA Era

Field Trip Dates: May 9 – June 23, 2017

This exhibition will depict the socioeconomic and political climate and contradictions, including vast discrepancies in wealth and social status, actions of political protest and social unrest, emergent youth cultures, and the coded coexistence of indigenismo traditions and nascent 21st century street culture..