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Plan for Your School

The Armory School Programs department is available to work with you in designing the best program to meet your arts education needs. Our programs are designed to provide the “Core Elements” in a quality arts education as well as additional options to deepen the visual arts experience for your students.

Current Armory School Programs offer a wide variety of combinations of elements, making the program design for each school and classroom unique to the particular site. Several schools ask us to design a program that brings art to every student within the school. We call this Art Central.

Each School Program includes:

  • An orientation between the school’s Principal and/or Administrator and the Armory’s Director of School Programs to define the program goals and structure.
  • A Program Planning Session between the Professional Teaching Artist and the classroom teacher to create visual art lessons that are aligned with themes in the language arts/Open Court, sciences or other core disciplines.
  • Visual arts instruction in the classroom in which an Armory Teaching Artist and Artist Assistant lead students in a sequential multi-week visual arts program.
  • All supplies and materials are included in the delivery of the program.

Additional options to deepen your students’ art experience include:

  • Two-hour field trip to the Armory
  • School-site display of students’ work
  • Family Art Night; a celebration of art displays and hands-on art activities for the entire family
  • Professional Development opportunities for classroom teachers

To plan for your school, follow these steps:

1. Consider the following questions about an Arts program at your school:

  • What are the objectives of the visual arts program in your school? Who will the program benefit?
  • Are there areas in the curriculum, such as Language Arts or Sciences, that could be reinforced through the visual arts program?
  • What grade level and classes will participate in the program? Are the classroom teachers in these classes open to having an Armory Teaching Artist support their instructional goals?
  • Would the program consist of 6, 8, 10, 12 classroom sessions or semester long?
  • Are you considering additional program elements to deepen student visual arts experiences (i.e. display of student work, field trip to the Armory’s art gallery, Family Night for the entire school community, or professional development for school faculty)?

2. Download the Plan For Your School Form to help organize your thoughts and to get a better idea of how a program at your school might look.

3. Call the Armory’s Director of School Programs, Doris Hausmann, 626.792.5101 x113 or e-mail [email protected] to help you transform your goals and objectives into an exciting school-based visual arts program.