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Armory Schools Program

The Armory is committed to delivering innovative, sequential and standards-based visual art programs to K-12 schools. We place professional teaching artists directly into schools through customized residencies. These programs may happen during the school day in selected classrooms or throughout a school. Our School Programs link visual arts with other curricular areas such as language arts and sciences in ways that are authentic, multilayered and complex. The interdisciplinary focus promotes learning by providing students with opportunities to solve problems, and with meaningful connections within the arts and across the curriculum.

Armory’s School Programs are:

  • Individually customized to meet the needs of students and school instructional plans.
  • Designed and delivered by Armory teaching artists who work in collaboration with classroom teachers to create lessons that encourage exploration of the artistic process while also focusing on the quality of the product.
  • Interdisciplinary and standards based, integrating the content of the visual arts with other core learning areas.

The Armory is proud to work with districts that have committed to the Los Angeles County “Arts for All” effort in implementing a visual arts plan. Our School Programs have been recognized and included in the Los Angeles County Resource Directory and the Los Angeles Unified School District Arts Community Partnership Network as programs that meet the visual arts standards in an exemplary way.

Current Programs

The Armory’s School Programs serve public, charter, private, and parochial schools. We offer different levels and types of engagement in the visual arts from a single field trip experience to sequential programs in which an Armory teaching artist develops and implements customized visual art lessons that are conceptually integrated with other core curricular areas. Typically each year, more than 5,400 students and their teachers have Armory teaching artists in their classrooms. Find out more about our current programs.

Plan for Your School

The Armory’s staff is available to work with you in creating the best program to meet the arts education needs of your school. Our programs are designed to provide the elements required in a quality arts education program while offering additional options to deepen the visual arts experience. Find out more about how we can make a plan for your school.

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